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Metabolic Mass, Chocolate (EAN 5060763892033) - 6000g

Metabolic Mass, Chocolate (EAN 5060763892033) - 6000g
Metabolic Mass, Chocolate (EAN 5060763892033) - 6000g
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A powerful combination of top-quality Whey Protein, Creatine, vitamins, and essential nutrients. Recommended for physically active people and strength training athletes.Whey Protein is derived from milk. More specifically, whey is a byproduct of the dairy making process. Whey is essential because of its high protein content. Proteins are the fundamental elements of all the cells in the human body. In turn, proteins are made of amino acids. Some amino acids are produced by your bodys cells, while others are supplied by the food you eat. The ones that you must get from foods are termed essential amino acids.Proteins that supply all nine essential amino acids are the best, and whey protein is loaded with this it is naturally rich in amino acids, whey increases the production of new protein in your muscles. Moreover, the high-quality proteins in whey have a good bioavailability rate, meaning they are digested rapidly and put to good use by the body, especially after physical exercise. Supplementing with Whey Protein improves muscle tissue recovery and production. In its Concentrate form, Whey Protein retains all its propertiesTime and time again, studies have shown that taking whey protein supplements led to improvements in lean muscle mass and strength. The importance of Whey Protein for physically active people can’t be understated.
Metabolic Mass, Chocolate (EAN 5060763892033) - 6000g Nutrtion Factsy

Servings per container:

40 Amount Ingredients Amount Per %RI* Per 100g Serving 1,676. 2514 Energy kJ/394.67 kcal Fat 2.13 g 3.2 g 5% Of which saturates 1.20 g 1.8 g 9% Carbohydrates 66 g 99 g 38% Of which Sugars 5 g 7.5 g 8% Protein 28 g 42 g 84% Salt 0.10 g 0.15 g 3% Creatine Monohydrate 2825.33 mg 4238 mg Of which Creatine 2484 mg 3726 mg Amino Acid 2254 mg 3381 mg Complex L-Glutamine 763.33 mg 1145 mg THERMO FAT BURNING MATRIX: 1000 mg Green Coffee (Coffee Robusta L.) powder 1220 mg L-Lysine 8.33 mg 12.5 mg L-Citrulline DL- Malate (2:1) 670 ug 1005 g L-Citrulline 458 g 687 g L-Methionine 234 g 351 g Vitamin and Mineral Complex Vitamin C 12 mg 18 mg 22% Vitamin B6 0.22 mg 0.33 mg 23% Vitamin B3 2.50 mg 3.75 mg 23% Vitamin E 1.87 mg 2.8 mg 23% Vitamin B5 0.90 mg 1.35 mg 22% Vitamin D3 0.75 g 1.13 g 22% Vitamin B1 0.17 mg 0.25 mg 22% Vitamin B2 0.21 mg 0.31 mg 22% Folate 30 g 45 g 22% Magnesium 58 mg 87 mg 23% Zinc 1.50 mg 2.25 mg 22% Chromium 6 g 9 g 22% Copper 150 g 225 g 22% L-Carnitine 70 mg 105 mg Alpha lipoic acid 39.33 g 59 g CLA 18 mg 27 mg 1635 g extract Chlorogenicacid 455.33 g 683 g Caffeine 18 g 27 g Green tea leaf 34 mg 51 mg extract Polyphenols 32.67 mg 49 mg Tribulus Terrestris 2.33 mg 3.5 mg fruit extract Saponins 2.20 mg 3.3 mg Panax ginseng root 3.33 mg 5 mg extract Ginsenosides 0.67 mg 1 mg d on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily rate, Of which Creatine, Amino Acid line, Magnesium, Green

Other ingredients:

De Micronized L extrin), L de, Riboflavin --Carnitine Base, Gr leaf extract Panax Gin acel (Standardized to 20% (standardized to 95% Sapon Recorr Mass (150g) to 400ml serving daily Warnir sto 763892033 Dunnington, (+44) 1904 486 330

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