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Arctic Blue

As one of the few brands in Europe, our fish oil is made 100% from fillet-cut remnants of wild salmon or cod from Arctic waters. So no fish is specially caught for it. We cleverly use the leftovers that would otherwise be thrown away. We explain here that working according to these principles has other quality benefits as well.

Almost all other brands in the Netherlands use fish oil from anchovies and sardines from South America (Peru) because it is cheaper.

Here, whole fish (anchovies and sardines) are ground. The KvW (Keuringsdienst van Waarde) once made a program about this. Their conclusion was that as many as 30 whole anchovies are needed for 1 fish oil capsule. This type of fishing is known as "reduction fisheries".

And yet these anchovies and sardines are the natural food chain of the dolphin, seabird, sea lion and several species of whales... The KvW viewer fell off his chair, but little has changed since then. That KvW broadcast did motivate me 8 years ago to found Arctic Blue and do things differently. Since then, more than 50,000 Dutch people have switched to Arctic Blue fish oil with the MSC label.

Our Norwegian fishermen often pass on their profession from father to son. Because they have depended on nature with its healthy fish stocks for centuries, they catch a small portion of Norwegian cod for its fillet so that their children can become fishermen as well. So, in fact, they have always worked according to the strict MSC regulations.

The MSC label has been endorsed by the respected Milieu Centraal selected as 1 of the 10 best and most credible labels in the Netherlands.

I hope to have given you insight into my personal views and considerations: The future is definitely plant-based, but a neatly made MSC fish oil is absolutely responsible and nutritionally a perfect product.

So unlike many other fish oils, with Arctic Blue you have the guarantee that we stay away from eating the dolphin, seabird, sea lion and whale. AND the guarantee that there are no adverse effects on oceans, environment and local people.

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