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Chela-Mag B6, Forte - 60 caps

Chela-Mag B6, Forte - 60 caps
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Chela-Mag B6, Forte - 60 caps
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Chela-Mag-B6 is a dietary supplement containing magnesium in the form of amino acid chelate ALBION, enriched with vitamin B6.Why is magnesium so important for our body?Magnesium ranked among the group of macrominerals, the components necessary in everyday life in significant amounts, is often called the element of life and energy. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that it is one of the four most important cations for the proper functioning of our bodies. Magnesium is an elemental mineral essential for maintaining homeostasis, that is the biochemical balance of our bodies. The element takes part in over 300 enzymatic reactions taking place in our cells every day. One of its most important functions is participation in the synthesis of cellular fuel; without the presence of an appropriate amount of magnesium the production of energy indispensable in the everyday functioning of the body occurs ineffectively. That is why we always feel tired, when we lack magnesium. Furthermore, this mineral participates in the active transport of various components across cell membranes; among other things, it contributes to maintaining the proper balance between sodium and calcium. Magnesium is an element essential for the everyday working of our muscles and the effective functioning of the nervous system. The mineral also supports the proper functioning of the heart and the whole circulatory system.How may magnesium deficiency be manifested?Deficiency of this element is a very common problem which affects practically half of the population. With the development of civilization and progressive pollution of the environment, with too intensive a way of life magnesium deficiency gradually appears and deepens with time. Furthermore, there are many factors which may intensify the loss of this element from the body. These are mostly stress, omnipresent in our professional and private life, alcohol misuse, smoking, and drinking large amounts of coffee. Unfortunately, our diet is often too poor in magnesium and does not provide the proper amount of this valuable mineral.Why Chela-Mag B6?The supplement of high quality magnesium supplementing deficiencies, awarded the Golden Medal ALBION, Award of Pharmacy Professors 2009 and Golden Quality International Emblem 2009. The exceptional and innovative product containing magnesium amino acid chelate ALBION of high bioaccessibility and effectiveness confirmed in clinical studies. Non-organic forms of magnesium are absorbed poorly; additionally they bind water in intestines and may lead to diarrhoea. After swallowing magnesium salts break up into charged ions which strive for the fastest neutralisation; only their negligible part is bound on the way of the little effective natural chelation therapy and is absorbed in the intestine. Magnesium amino acid chelate ALBION does not break up into ions and is absorbed not until it reaches the small intestine, the whole particle of magnesium amino acid chelate is transported to the cells needing magnesium and its eventual excess is removed without any harm to the body.Who is Chela-Mag B6 recommended for? People especially exposed to magnesium deficiency in the body are people who:- Lead an intensive life- Are exposed to excessive stress- Are physically active- Drink coffee and moderate to large amounts of alcohol- SmokeSuch diseases of the elderly as: circulatory insufficiency, hypertension or diabetes increase the requirement of this element. The supplementation should be taken into consideration by people using unbalanced relatively poor caloric diet.
Olimp Nutrition Chela-Mag B6, Forte -60 caps


1 Capsule

Servings per container:

60 Ingredients Amount Per Serving %RI* Magnesium 250 mg 0% Vitamin B6 2 mg 0% *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


Magnesium,Vitamin B6

Other ingredients:

Magnesium amino acid chelate vitamin B6(pyridoxine hydrochloride). magnesium stearate - anticaking agent, gelatine - capsule shell.

Recommended use:

It is best to use the supplement in the amount of I capsule a day after a chosen meal.

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